Showtime has evolved over the years into what it is today through the vision and goals of Mark & Sally Hine. As a youngster Mark couldn’t get enough of sport, it didn’t matter what it was, he wanted to give it a go and master them all !!! Mark’s primary passion however was definitely AFL, which incorporated boxing into training sessions…. And so the BOXING bug set in. Due to his relentless determination and dedication (and a bit of natural ability) he excelled above and beyond in each sport, and thrived on that feeling of giving 100% to every game.

This is where Mark’s passion lies, he has tried almost every type of fitness class around, and found none of them pushed or excited him, and were actually quite boring. He wanted to create the ultimate group fitness class, one that he dreamt of finding for himself. Mark’s vision was a class that incorporated boxing into the format, for the simple fact that it is the most effective fitness training around (hence why it is used as a cross trainer for many other sports). He wanted to create a class that not only pushes you to give your very best in every workout, in a fun and challenging way, he wanted zone in on the importance of correct technique. Mark spent years learning and studying boxing technique, and has been mentored by many boxing greats, which gives his classes so much more value than the average boxersize class. Alongside getting super fit and shedding kilos, his classes will have you actually being able to put together combinations correctly, and throwing punches with confidence which ultimately becomes addictive….and NEVER boring.

Enter the now Sally Hine.. She’s also a sports lover, growing up as a competitive swimmer, sailor and all round sports enthusiast, Mark and Sally share the same values and goals, and so Showtime Fitness Studio was born ! Their members have always found that what Showtime offers, creates a family like culture with respect and friendship as a core component. TEAM SHOWTIME !

Their mission is to make working out FUN, and for all members to use the attributes, such as desire, confidence, commitment and determination that they learn at Showtime in their everyday life. There is also the added bonus of being able to defend yourself if you ever needed to!

Boom, the cherry on top !